Business Letter

A business letter is a common communication medium within the corporate world. is dedicated to helping you write better business letters for use in the modern workplace.

How To Use This Website

Everything you need to know about writing a business letter is here. This website was created to solve a problem. The typical website about writing business letters usually suffers from these issues:

  • Created by an academic that has probably never written a business letter in his or her life.
  • Created by someone who is looking to sell you something.
  • Focuses entirely on how to format these letters.
  • Is just a one page description that won’t really help you.

So, this website was created to lead you through the process of writing a business letter, providing clear examples and practical advice along the way. This website is broken up into different sections that include:

If you are new to this topic, you can read each of these sections in order. If you are not, you can simply skip to the sections that interest you.